Nethermind 1.3.6 released

We have just released the latest Nethermind (full Ethereum Client written in .NET) – version 1.3.6

It comes with a huge amount of sync stability improvements for various scenarios (synching with and without receipts) and also improves a lot on connection stability by changing the sync peers ordering strategy.

We can fast sync in around 7 hours on a 4GB RAM, 2CPU VM from UpCloud (without receipts) or in around 12 hours (with bodies and receipts). This is much faster on more powerful machines!

You can also sync a full archive Goerli testnet node in around 20 minutes.

Linux, Mac – it is just three commands from the release notes and you will have options to chose the network you want to sync with

For Windows users – just download and run

Here is a more detailed getting started guide:

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