Camila Russo on the history of Ethereum, financial news reporting in Argentina and the excitement around #DeFi

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We're back again with another talk in the series, today with Camila Russo. First some housekeeping: I decided to put the talks under one roof at Please use the RSS feed ( in your favorite podcast player. If all goes well, the show should be available in iTunes/Google soon.

If you're new to this, please check out earlier conversations with jtnichol, Ameen Soleimani, Vitalik Buterin and Chaz Schmidt.

A few days ago, I saw this tweet on "key dates in the history of Ethereum." I quickly learned that Camila is working on a book on exactly that topic, which is now at her editor.

I’m a financial journalist with experience across continents and asset classes. My focus has been on the crazier/more volatile corners of the market.

I recently left Bloomberg News to become an independent writer. First up is finishing my book on the foundation of the second-biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and the crypto bubble it helped create, to be published by Harper Collins by the end of the year.

During my eight years at Bloomberg I covered the Argentine market (bonds, stocks, FX) for 4+ years based in Buenos Aires; wrote about European stocks with a focus on Southern Europe in Madrid; analysed macro emerging markets moves for the Markets Live blog in New York; was one of the most prolific and dedicated cryptocurrency reporters. Previous to Bloomberg I wrote international news for Chile’s largest national newspaper, El Mercurio.

I’ve moderated and spoken at some of the most influential cryptocurrency conferences, done multiple TV and radio appearances, and was awarded first place for online journalism by Brazil’s exchange operator BM&F Bovespa earlier in my career. — I even made an appearance in a crypto song 🙂

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Please note that we talked for about half an hour before getting into the questions.

  • Timestamp, "Now that you're an independent writer, what is your writing schedule like?" u/chazschmidt
  • Timestamp, "Hi Camila. I'd like to know if you dove into private blockchains in your book and what you think of them at the moment." /u/enesimo
  • Timestamp, "What do you currently view as the biggest hindrance to mass adoption?" /u/joshuawakefield
  • Timestamp "What do you think how the blockchain will fit into our life in 10 years?" u/sunflower9121
  • Timestamp, "Give a 95% confidence interval (one you would take a 1:20 bet against) for what eth's price in dollars will be at he end of 2022." /u/labrav


I'll happily fund a couple of signed copies of her book once it is released (around blockchain week 2020). All you have to do is be around right now 🙂 So simply comment on this thread, unless you have participated in previous ethcs Q&A's. That qualifies as well.